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Master Park & Recreation Plan Committee Meeting

The Master Park & Recreation Plan Committee will meet on Thursday, June 1, 2017, at the Reiffton Elementary School at 7:00 PM.  The meeting is to gain public input and comments with respect to the Township’s park system and recreation programming.  The public is welcome to attend the meeting and provide comments to the Committee with respect to the existing Township park system, the existing Township recreation program and what additional amenities to either the park system or the recreation programming are needed. 

Decision Regarding EMS Services

On Monday, May 22, 2017, at a public meeting of the Exeter Township Board of Supervisors, representatives of Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center gave a presentation that explained the services, impressive qualifications, and recognized capabilities of Penn State’s Life Lion Emergency Medical Services program.  Penn State gave the presentation at the invitation of the Township after the Exeter Township Fire Department notified the Township that it cannot continue to provide the current level of services to the Township without additional cost to taxpayers.  The presentation given at the Board meeting is located elsewhere on the website.  Link
Penn State’s presentation was impressive.  Equally impressive are Penn State’s documented emergency response times and the high quality of its award-winning emergency medical care. 
Recognizing its duty to ensure the continuity of the best possible services at the best possible cost, the Board voted to approve the resolution to complete an agreement with Penn State, at which time Penn State will replace the Exeter Township Fire Department as the primary provider of emergency medical services for the Township.  In reaching its decision, the Board’s primary concern is and must be the continued, uninterrupted provision of round-the-clock, high-quality advanced and basic life support emergency response services to the residents of the Township at the best possible cost. 
The agreement with Penn State will address the concerns of Township residents concerning existing subscriptions that any residents obtained from the Exeter Township Fire Department for emergency medical services.  Any transition from the current provider to Penn State will occur without any interruption in current service levels enjoyed by Township residents.
The Board is also pleased that Penn State intends to offer each existing provider of emergency medical services employed by the Exeter Township Fire Department a comparable position to provide services on behalf of Penn State within the Township.  If these employees of the Exeter Township Fire Department choose to join Penn State, they will each have an opportunity for more professional growth than previously available to them. 
The Board has great respect for the Pennsylvania State University and its Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, and welcomes this new partnership. 
The Exeter Township Fire Department will continue to provide fire and rescue services for the Township at the highest level of service.  The Board expresses its gratitude to those brave volunteers.

Please see the attached information regarding the Annual Exeter Township May Days event for more details. 

You can print the coupon for $2.00 off admission for Saturday & Sunday or pick one up at the Township Building. 


REMINDER: Exeter Township is utilizing Code Red software as a way to inform residents about pertinent emergency information. Please follow the link below and enroll in Code Red so that you can stay up to date on local events, road closings and emergency information.


Code Red website​

Download the mobile app here:​


​The Township Offices will be closed in observance of Good Friday on Friday, April 14, 2017.  Regular office hours will resume on Monday, April 17, 2017.


Reading Country Club


Where We Are and How We Got There


On December 20, 2005, Exeter Township filed a Declaration of Taking on the Reading Country Club property. On February 9, 2006, the Township amended its taking to include all tangible and intangible property owned by the club (Personality). The parties stipulated that possession of the Realty in all instances and all Personality was tendered from the club to the Township effective January 15, 2006.  The parties were not able to agree on a set price.  This necessitated a hearing before the Board of View.


In anticipation of the Board of View decision, on November 9th, 2005, the Township issued $15,250,000.00 of General Obligation Variable Rate Demand Bonds (“Series 2005”). This was required by law as evidence of the Township’s ability to pay and served as temporary financing until a decision by the Board of View was rendered. (Open link for details: )


On June 5, 2007, the Board of View determined the following values:


Realty:                                     $11,500,000.00

Golf Course Equipment           $200,000.00

Golf Course Chemicals           $3,000.00

Liquor Inventory                      $12,940.00

Clubhouse Equipment             $110,000.00

Kitchen Equipment                 $27,000.00

Food Inventory                        $13,208.00


Total:                                       $11,866,148.00


On November 15, 2007, the Township issued $17,810,000.00 of General Obligation Notes (“Series 2007”). This was permanent financing for the property.


On September 30, 2015, the Township issued $1,808,000.00 in General Obligation Bonds (“Series 2015”). This was to carve out the Club structure and refinance tax free bonds to taxable bonds as necessitated by the leasing of the building to a for-profit business.


On December 30th, 2015, the Township issued $9,755,000.00 in General Obligation Bonds (“Series A 2015”). This was Part One of a refinancing to take advantage of lower interest rates.


On April 20th, 2016, the Township issued $7,005,000.00 in General Obligation Bonds (“Series 2016”) this was the second, and final, part of the refinancing to take advantage of lower interest rates.  (The two above bond issues resulted in a net savings to the Township of $3.1 million in interest.) (Open link for details: )



Current status:

Purchase Price                                                $11,866,148.00

Fees Associated with Financing                     $1,053,778.48

Project Expenses                                             $3,371,116.22

Transactions under review by Solicitor          $2,267,041.58


Total                                                                $18,558,084.28


To date:

Interest and principal paid                               $7,080,378.51

Principal due                                                    $18,344,000.00

Interest due                                                      $11,387,336.02


Total cost of RCC                                          $36,811,714.53


While attempting to unwind the complicated history of the financial transactions related to the RCC we discovered that bond proceeds were used to make interest, principal, and arbitrage payments.  These transactions are being reviewed to ensure they complied with IRS regulations.


Since the Reading Country Club was acquired, the Township has relied on real estate taxes to pay the overwhelming majority of the debt service.  While the revenue from golf operations has paid for part of the course maintenance, no more than $30,000.00 per year or less than 5% of the golf course revenue has been contributed to the retirement of the debt. 


The most relevant fact after reviewing the annual data for revenues of both the golf course operations and the lease of the Country Club is that there has been little or no growth in net revenues from either.  In fact, with the decrease in the number of rounds played on the golf course over the past several years, the only explanation for the increase in revenue is an increase in golf rates.  Prior to 2017 there were no initiatives taken to increase the play of the golf course nor to substantially reduce operating costs.  Without increased play or new nongolf activities on the golf course, the status quo will be maintained.  With the anticipated increase in debt service requirements in 2025, additional burdens will be placed on Township residents potentially necessitating a tax increase​

​Residents will no longer receive a quarterly recycling bill from the Township. NO, taxes have not been increased. The $20 recycling fee, which residents paid quarterly, has been added to the tax bill. The charge will no longer appear on sewer bills. The change was made to minimize costs.​


The Board of Supervisors engaged McMahon Associates to conduct a traffic analysis along Perkiomen Avenue to determine what improvements could be made to improve safety for pedestrians and motorists. 


This work was initiated in response to resident concerns about PennDOT’s proposal to restripe Perkiomen Avenue to include a center left turn lane. 


The results of the traffic analysis indicated that:


·         Four (4) lanes of travel is required

·         Center left turn lanes can be installed

·         Travel and left turn lanes can be narrowed

·         On-street parking can be preserved

·         Access management to properties can improve safety

·         Traffic calming measures can be constructed

·         Pedestrian safety can be increased

·         Street trees and ornamental lighting can be installed


Following is the presentation that will be made at the Board of Supervisors Meeting on Monday, February 27th. ​


The following conceptual plans have been prepared by the Township’s consulting traffic engineer.  They depict the same improvements proposed by PennDOT along with a number of additional improvements, primarily along the east side of Perkiomen Avenue. 


Of primary concern to residents and the Board is to better manage the flow of traffic along Perkiomen Avenue to ensure the safety of pedestrian and motorists.  Several proposed improvements are designed to improve access to and from the properties along the east side of Perkiomen Avenue.  Access management is an important component of traffic safety.  To better manage access, curbing with defined access curb cuts are proposed.  This will provide motorist with clear direction on where to enter and exit from these properties. 


Curb and sidewalk bumpouts (shown in yellow) are proposed to function both as traffic calming measures and to provide pedestrians with a safe zone while waiting to cross the street. 


Note the proposed left turn lane on Oley Turnpike and the intersection improvements at 37th Street and Perkiomen Avenue. 


On-street parking areas along the east side of Perkiomen Avenue is also proposed. 


Finally, sidewalks, street trees and ornamental street lights are proposed along the east side. ​


The Following plans are the draft plans from PennDOT illustrating their proposed scope of work along Perkiomen Avenue.  Note the illustration of new curb along the west side of the road, the installation of storm sewers and the replacement of curbing along the east side of Perkiomen Avenue. 


The plans also illustrate the proposed center turn lane. 



Traffic Calming Study

The Board of Supervisors will consider a proposal from the traffic engineer to conduct a traffic calming study along Painted Sky Road, Dunham Drive and Pennsylvania Avenue. 


Shelbourne Road, Gibraltar Road/Pennsylvania Avenue Bridge Replacement

The County of Berks owns the Althouse Mill Bridge, which carries Gibraltar Road over the Antietam Creek, and is located just west of the intersection.  The County recently informed Exeter Township of future plans to address structural issues with the bridge, including potential replacement of the superstructure of full replacement of the bridge.  The County initiated coordination with Exeter Township regarding the scope of the bridge improvements (and related roadway and intersection improvements), as well as ownership of the bridge. 


The County’s potential replacement of the Althouse Mill Bridge present an opportunity to provide a bridge with an appropriate width to accommodate roadway and intersection improvements, including travel lanes, turn lanes, and sidewalks necessary to accommodate the future transportation needs of the Township.  The County considers roadway and intersection improvements to be beyond the County’s responsibility; however, the County has offered a willingness to work with the Township on roadway and intersection improvements as part of the bridge project, particularly if the Township is willing to assume ownership of the bridge after it is replaced. 


The Board will consider this matter at the meeting on February 27th.  


Please see the attached presentation and story regarding the new Exeter Township Police Department labor agreement. This information was presented at the February 13th Board of Supervisors meeting. ​


Tri-State Financial Group is handling all of the Exeter Township Business Privilege Tax information. If you are a Township business, please use the attached form to declare your taxes. Any questions may be directly asked of Tri-State Financial. 

Tri-State Financial Group, LLC
P.O. Box 38
Bridgeport, PA 19405-0038​


408 East Fourth Street, STE 207
Bridgeport, PA 19405


610-270-9522 (Fax)


At the January 16th Board of Supervisors​ meeting a resolution was passed that updates the rules for public comment during meetings. Please see the attached resolution for details.


​Exeter Township is pleased to announce that we have hired David Speece as the new General Manager of the Reading Country Club. David is an avid golfer and brings with him a wealth of knowledge. Check out our new rates for 2017 and come visit the RCC to say hello to our newest member!


As of 1/1/17 A.J. Blosenski is handling Exeter Township's recycling routes. There will be no change to your existing schedule/route. We are now SINGLE STREAM- which means you no longer have to sort your paper from plastic. The schedule is attached. It will be mailed out in the March newsletter.


Please see the attached information regarding an open position for employment at Exeter Township.​


Please note that your sewer bill now offers the option of sending payments directly to our Township "lockbox"​. Please send your sewer payments to the address noted on your bill. By utilizing this payment service, it will help cut down in inner-office administrative time and help us service your needs more efficiently. 

The address is:

Exeter Township

P.O.Box 6188

Hermitage PA  16418-0922

Also, please be aware that the new sewer rates will be effective for the billing cycle that goes out in February. Your recycling fee will now be listed on your tax bill and will no longer be listed on your sewer bills. 


​Please see the attached sewer rate study that was presented at the October 24th Board of Supervisors meeting. 


Attached is the information that was presented by John Baker from the PA Department of Agriculture at the September 26th Board of Supervisors meeting regarding the Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine.​


Attached the the information regarding the Spotted Lanternfly that was presented at the September 26th Board of Supervisors meeting by John Baker of the PA Department of Agriculture.​


​The 2017-2019 Budget & Financial Plan is the first to be prepared in the program budget format. Several years ago, the PA Department of Community & Economic Development DCED, awarded Exeter Township a grant enabling Exeter to participate in DCED’s Early Intervention Program.


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